J. Fogle Consulting

John Fogle is an Independent Researcher who spent much of his career in U.S. Air Force Intelligence performing research, analysis, risk & threat assessments and recommendations from the operational level to the National Security Council level. John has since taken this experience and applied it to the next level of risks, threats and vulnerabilities - global catastrophic and existential risks.

John Fogle primarily lends his expertise to non-profit think tanks who focus on global catastrophic and existential risks; generally contracting out on a short-term, project-focused basis (fees are negotiable). Past experience includes:

Visiting Researcher at University of Cambridge's Centre for the Study of Existential Risks (CSER), focusing on Defense-related Emerging Technologies, with particular emphasis on AI Policy (also assisted the Centre for Long-Term Resilience [CLTR] on the Future Proof report);

Research Fellow at the Global Catastrophic Risks Institute (GCRI), focusing on AI & Nuclear Weapons Policy;

Open Philanthropy (OP), focusing on Biosecurity;

ALLFED, focusing on Exercise Development, with particular emphasis on Agroterrorism, and facilitation of outreach to the White House's Office of Science and Technology on the Effects of Nuclear Winter on Food Security;

Charity Entrepreneurship (CE), co-authoring the Incubation Program's pending book How to launch a high-impact non-profit

Contributor to and Opening Day Speaker for MyTetra's 'Options' Audio Art Project

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